Anonymous said: is the picture chad's defined body really is chad's body? i just wanna know coz i haven't seen that pic anywhere except here.... damn if it's really him!! wow

Damn„ chad did post it on Instagram, and I tried for hours to find it for you. But I guess he deleted it„ D: but i promise you that it is his body =P

(Sorry for the really delayed reply)

11 months ago

Chad and Jolene :D

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I don’t know what’s going on„,

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Chad Mayate <3 

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POREOTICS in Boracay!  =]

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I know I’ve been MIA lately… More than lately but I love you guys!! Just wait for me!! Imagine me as a tasty strip if bacon that you will get soon =P

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Chads defined body T_T

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Six pack ;D

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LOVE with Friends. #repost @chadporeotics @charlesvnguyen (at In front of the house where they filmed a scene from Transformers)

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Getting ready for our trip to The University of Pennsylvania this weekend.. Time for a… sexy party! Jk, but really. @charlesvnguyen @chadporeotics @poreotics #poreotics …were takin a #spaceshipcoupe to a #sexyparty that we will #adorn 👍 (at Quest Dance Studio)

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